My Top Ten


Welcome to my metal blog!

I’d thought I’d introduce myself with a nearly impossible to create list: my top ten favourite metal bands. Remember: like any list, this is my personal opinion. These aren’t the ten best metal bands ever… just my favourites. Some you’ll probably expect, others may surprise you a bit. Without further ado, here we go!

10 – Trivium

Trivium are a special blend of lightning fast riffs and alternating vocals. Their music is fast, visceral, but still maintains coherence and even melody. Their sound has softened in recent years, and while Silence in the Snow pales in comparison to something like In Waves, it is still a good album in it’s own right. They’re a band that doesn’t get enough recognition for their work.

9 – Lamb of God

Sacrament is one of my favourite albums ever. Amazing guitar work from Willie Adler and Mark Morton, and downright brutal vocals from Randy Blythe make for a classic. However, their other outstanding work, like Ashes Of The Wake and As The Palaces Burn land them on this list!

8 – Opeth

Two words: Blackwater Park.

7 – Iron Maiden

These guys are legends, no doubt. While many might have them higher on their list, I just love six other bands even more. Iron Maiden has some true classics, from The Trooper to Powerslave, and some all-time genre-greats like Hallowed Be Thy Name. They’re fast, fun, and put on a great show!

6 – Avenged Sevenfold

A7X, to me, is the perfect balance between heavy and melody. Each musician in the band is an expert at their craft. City of Evil, Nightmare, and The Stage are all amazing albums worth listening to on repeat.

5 – Machine Head

Most underrated band in metal? I’d say so. Nobody puts out more head banging riffs than these guys… well expect maybe the number two band on my list. However, albums like Burn My Eyes and The Blackening are highlights are their awesome discography.

4 – Megadeth

Dave Muscatine and Marty Friedman might be the most shred-tactic duo in metal history! Never before have two guitar players of such elite skill penned majestic solos for the same songs. Even before and after Marty, Megadeth has continually released songs that make guitar players everywhere dream–and envy.

3 – Tool

What are Tool? Are they a metal band? Or are they progressive rock? Are they even from this planet? Part of Tool’s charm is the fact they’re such an enigma–and the fact they make amazing, spacey music. It’s heavy and challenging at the same time. They make the listener think, which I really appreciate.

2 – Pantera

Dimebag, RIP. Hands down the best metal guitarist of all-time. No band has ever put out more crushing fight songs than Pantera. No band makes you want to jump around and break stuff quite like the cowboys from hell.

1 – Metallica

You knew by the picture. I’m a Metallica fanboy, what can I say? They’re just awesome. From the early masterpieces of Kill ‘Em All through …And Justice For All, to the commercial (but still epic) ‘black’ album, and further into new great material from Hardwired To Self Destruct, Metallica has been rocking for decades. James Hatfield is a master player and singer, and a true icon.


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