Concert Talk: The Serenity of Summer


I think it’s fair to say that Stone Sour has completely escaped the shadow of Slipknot; they’re their own band, with a catalog of great music and a legion of die-hard fans. However, like Slipknot, they put on a killer live show. It started with ‘YSIF’ and ‘Tapei Person/Allah Tea’, one of the best songs from the brand-new Hydrograd album. From there, the guys transitioned into ‘Made Of Scars,’ followed by ‘Say You’ll Haunt Me.’

Oh, and don’t forget the f— Nickleback chant.


From there, Corey Taylor and co ripped through ’30/30-150′ and visited both houses of gold and bones with ‘Tired’ and ‘Do Me A Favour.’ Those two songs proved to be major highlights from the ten song set.

A slower section followed, started by bassist Johny Chow proposing to his long-time girlfriend in front of a rowdy Toronto crowd. Red in the face, she said yes. ‘Song #3’ was dedicated to her, and the classic ‘Through Glass’ provided some more gentle fun. However, Stone Sour kicked it back into heavy gear for ‘Absolute Zero’ and Corey reminded us that it’s all downhill from here with ‘Fabuless.’

Overall, Stone Sour brought a ton of energy. The guitar work from Josh Rand and Christian Martucci was spot on and sounded great. Roy Mayorga’s drums were clean and punchy. And of course, Corey Taylor showed his impressive vocal range from the soft-sung lines of ‘Through Glass’ to the screamed vocals in ’30/30-150.’


Korn took the stage with a lot to live up to. Their set, following a ten-second countdown, kicked off their set with ‘Rotting In Vain,’ ‘Did My Time,’ and ‘Here To Stay’ from 2002’s Intouchables. It was apparent right away that Korn was going to be loud and very heavy.

Jonathan Davis addressed the crowd before ‘Y’all Want A Single’ instructing them to get their middle fingers up and yell “F— it!’ every once in a while. The song, a satirical stab at oppression,  proved to be a crowd-pleaser. ‘Clown’ and ‘Black Is The Soul’ led into ‘Shoots and Ladd

‘Clown’ and ‘Black Is The Soul’ led into ‘Shoots and Ladders’ which was a major standout. Davis came out with bagpipes and wailed until guitarists Head and Munky sliced through the noise with their razor-sharp guitar. The whole crowd sang the nursery rhymes with Davis.

‘Twist’ followed, to which casual fans asked: “What the hell is he saying?!”

From there, Korn performed 1998’s ‘Got The Life,’ and the very fun ‘Coming Undone’ with a brief Queen cover halfway through. ‘Insane,’ and ‘Make Me Bad,’ along with ‘A Different World’ closed out the set. The latter received a huge ovation, as Corey Taylor burst on stage and gave the fans another dose of his signature stage presence.

After a short break, Korn returned for an encore. They started with ‘4 U’ before transitioning into the legendary ‘Blind.’ That was a major highlight, as the entire crowd desperately awaited the “ARE YOU READY?” at the beginning of the song before head banging to ultra-heavy riff.

Korn closed out the show with ‘It’s On’ and (of course) ‘Freak On A Leash.’

Overall, I’d say Stone Sour stole the show. They showed more personality and seemed to engage the audience more. Korn was the headliner, but I felt like it was the other way around–and that’s no discredit to Jon Davis and the gang. They played their songs flawlessly and certainly brought a ton of energy on their own. Overall, it was a good, rowdy show.



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