Top Ten: Corey Taylor Songs


It’s hard not to like Corey Taylor, from the extreme musical assault that is Slipknot, to the catchy hard rock found in Stone Sour’s catalog. Over the years, he’s brought energy, life, and an instantly recognizable voice to the music scene between two bands. With that in mind, I take a look at my favorite Corey Taylor songs!

Come Whatever May

Kicking it off with some Stone Sour, the title track of the 2006 album is heavy, catchy, and features no shortage of groove. Corey showcases his incredible vocal range throughout the song, too!

Heretic Anthem

“IF YOU’RE 5-5-5 THAN I’M 6-6-6!” This Slipknot song is guttural and headbang-worthy. One of the tracks that cemented them as a force in the metal genre, this is a true testament to how much Corey can really growl.

Through Glass

How can you not appreciate this Stone Sour gem? A soft-sung acoustic song, yes, but not one without the talents of Mr. Taylor. Here we see just how good of a pure singer he really is, and how well he can write a song (suck it, Chad Kroeger!)


Corey usually introduces this Slipknot track as “your new national anthem” and rightfully. It’s unapologetically heavy and aggressive and features some of the nastiest vocals I’ve heard on a non-death-meatal track.


This song makes my list because of Corey’s creativity. The title is his pants size (30/30) and his weight (150 pounds) in high school, where he was picked on due to his small stature. This song is a middle finger to the bullies, and you can hear it in his voice.

Get Inside

Fast, frenetic, and full of fury, ‘Get Inside’ balances the signature yells, with the quick, breathy vocals Corey employed so often in his early work. The lyrics are dark and brooding, and the musicianship is off the charts.


This was the song that introduced me to Corey Taylor. I’ll always remember the shock on my face as I heard the clean chorus after the first verse. It made me love Slipknot, which then got me into Stone Sour, who (dare I say it) I love even more.


Corey’s music has always been about balancing soft and heavy, and duality is a prime example of that. Here he manages to keep the heavy going through the verses while singing– that takes talent to keep the tension. It goes to show how good Corey really is, and what a tool his voice is.

Absolute Zero

Arguably the best Stone Sour song, ‘Absolute Zero’ is an amazing song to hear live. Corey’s intro works as a call and response, while the chorus gets everyone on their feet. Corey knows how to write smart, thought-provoking songs– this one of them.

Pulse Of The Maggots

An underrated track, ‘Pulse Of The Maggots’ is a great workout song. You can feel the power building in Corey’s voice throughout the song, in line with the ascending music behind him. It’s exciting and fun!


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