Hidden Gems


Looking for some new songs by bands you may have never heard of? These are some of my favorite tracks that have slipped through the mainstream metal scene. If you have heard them, good on you!

Lay Down – Priestess 

This is a fun song. I first heard it on Guitar Hero, so maybe it isn’t totally ‘underground,’ but it undeniably deserves more attention. The main riff is catchy and energetic, the vocals are great and the drums pack a real punch.

Taste My Sin – Integrity

I already highlighted this track on my review of Integrity’s ‘To Die For’ album, but I want to bring attention to it again because I love it so much. This is insanity. The song gives the listener maybe three seconds to breathe before all hell breaks loose.

Train Song – Rex Brown

This is a pretty new track from former Pantera bassist Rex Brown. I’ve really liked what I’ve heard from him as a solo artist, and this song is the best of the bunch (in my opinion). It’s got a great, driving riff that chugs along like a train, and a pretty sharp solo to boot. Give it a listen.

Raw – Freak Kitchen

While the lyrics are a bit crude, the main riff of this Freak Kitchen song is awesome. It mixes eighties rock with heavy metal to make something irresistibly head-bangy. If you can get past the campiness, you’ll love this track.

Pleasure And Pain – Gemini Syndrome 

Imagine Tool with even heavier guitars and screams; that’s this Gemini Syndrome song, which I stumbled upon on Spotify by accident. A good accident, it seems. I love the lyrics on this track, they’re thought-provoking and the musicianship is off the charts.



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