Track Review: The Sin And The Sentence


Trivium is back!

The Florida metal outfit has returned with their first new music since 2015’s ‘Silence In The Snow’ album, a more melody-driven collection of songs. Gone were the throaty, screamed vocals that usually dominate the choruses–this was in part due to the fact lead singer Matt Heafy blew his voice out during a 2014 performance. However, with their new track titled ‘The Sin And The Sentence,’ Trivium have returned to form, blending elements of power metal, thrash, and metalcore.

Oh, and it’s awesome.

The intro is fast and colorful, reminiscent of something you’d find on a Dragonforce album, but quickly develops into more standard Trivium (chugging, open notes for flavor) with Heafy’s melodic, clean vocals gaining traction toward the chorus where we’re re-introduced to the screams. They’re more defined than the ones featured on their earlier works, yet lose none of the grit. Overall, Heafy’s vocals are this track’s biggest standout. The strong lyrics certainly help!

The guitar work here is equally impressive. The song features a ripping guitar solo following the soaring bridge section, along with some great dual passages between Heafy and Corey Beliveau (a criminally underrated player in my opinion). Their tone is big, powerful, and packs plenty of punch.

Overall, I have nothing but good things to say about this new Trivium track. It has me extremely excited for their new album coming this fall–and to see them in November when they rock Toronto!



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