Concert Talk: QOTSA


I recently got the chance to catch Queens of the Stone Age in Toronto (playing apparently their largest North American show ever!). It was cold. Me, not bothering to think, only wore a t-shirt to Budweiser Stage and nearly froze to death. However, I won’t hold my own stupidity against Queens, who put on a great show.

The set started with my new favorite song, ‘Feet Don’t Fail Me’ before transitioning into some more classic tracks, like ‘Turning On The Screw’ and so on. Overall, Queens played 21 (!) songs for a very full crowd, most of which done impeccably. They only got sharper as the night went on. Maybe they were cold, too.

I have a confession to make: I’m a ‘Songs For The Deaf’ purist. I love that album so much; it’s heavy, but not heavy at the same time. You want to bang your head but swings your hips and sing along all at once. They satisfied my thirst for 2002 masterpiece with ‘No One Knows,’ ‘Go With The Flow’ and for the encore, ‘…I Feel Like A Millionaire,’ and the amazing, ‘A Song For The Dead.’ No ‘A Song For The Deaf,’ but I wasn’t it…

But where the f-%$ was ‘Burn The Witch’?

Or ‘Feel Good Hit Of The Summer’!?

Those two classics were curiously absent from the setlist, as was ‘3s and 7s’. I guess when you have so many great songs, some won’t make it… but still. I would have traded ‘Leg of Lamb’ for ‘Feel Good,’ and basically anything for ‘Burn The Witch.’ From the research I’ve done, it seems Queens change their setlist on a nightly basis to keep things fresh–they better play those songs next time I see them!

Overall, besides the few notable omissions, I have few complaints. Queens did their thing, and I was happy to be there. Picked up a cool shirt, too; shoutout to them for not criminally overpricing the merch!


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