The Perfect Metal Band


There is no such thing as a perfect band–until now. Here I’ve assembled the All-Star team of metal; these are the best of the best. In a perfect world, these five players would unite on stage and melt metalhead faces for all of the eternity. Alas, this is just fiction… but it sure is fun to dream!

Vocals: Bruce Dickinson

What hasn’t this man done? He’s been the frontman of Iron Maiden for decades. He battled tongue cancer and won. He flies planes. No one in metal sings like Bruce; he can hit notes that make opera singers jealous. It’s impossible to give him enough credit, so fronting this band will have to suffice.

Rhythm Guitar: James Hetfield

Riff life. Those are the words tattooed on the Metallica legend’s fingers. He earned them. No metal guitarist can rival the sheer amount of amazing riffs written by this God; from the garage band beginnings of ‘Kill ‘Em All’ to the hit factory that is the ‘Black’ album, Hetfield is the true king of riffing.

Lead Guitar: Dimebag Darrell

Cemetary Gates. Walk. Floods. Cowboys From Hell. Need I continue? The late great Dimebag Darrell penned some of the best solos in music history. He played rhythm guitar too, but his true skill was heard in his blistering solos that featured the perfect mix of shredding while balancing feel. Gone too soon.

Bass: David Ellefson

Megadeth has been a revolving door of band members; only Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson have stood the test of time. There’s a reason for that. Ellefson writes riffs that do something amazing for their respective songs. Imagine ‘Peace Sells’ without that intro riff… no thanks!

Drums: Danny Carey

There are so many drummers who could have made the cut. However, of all the drummers I’ve heard (and seen live) Carey is the best. He has an unmatched level of precision and creativity. Carey has anchored one of the most progressive bands on Earth (Tool, of course) for years–he’s incredible.

What do you think? I’d go see _____ live, wouldn’t you?


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